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Authtech is an innovative Lifi mobile authentication technology that uses blinking light signals from camera flash to prove your authority.

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What is Authtech?

Authtech was born from the increased need in the market for a secure way to do mobile authentication. Nowadays, more needs to prove your authority are going up due to increasing ‘work from home’ and contactless authentication process. Over the screen, the platforms need more secured authentications, especially in financial, medical and commerce industries including all businesses dealing with personal information.

In payment market, with big players like Apple Pay, Google Pay and some payments, the market seems dominated. They use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code which are sending fixed type of signal to receiver. That is the risk to be hacked.

To solve the security problem, we’ve created Authtech using an emerging technology called Lifi - which involves the use of visible light from an LED to transmit high speed data to a photo detector (mobile camera, webcam).

Also, the Authtech works on any types of mobile device with iOS or Android OS. That makes Authtech universal in any types of system including laptop with camera.

Authtech is has an issued patent in the territory of the United States.


Highest security level

We provide among the highest levels of security for mobile transactions because each signal sent has a unique blinking combination, making it impossible to hack.

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar

Mobile transactions are the most convenient when it comes to effectuating payments. Our technology works online and brick-and-mortar business, and does not require additional terminals to receive payments other than a phone camera.

No fees charged

In comparison to NFC technology that charges EMV cards fees for effectuating transactions, we charge no fees.

Universal in any platforms

Authtech can be applied in different real life cases from authentication to the system by proving authorities to making payments with any types of OS, such as iOS and Android

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How it works

(As a payment tool)


Authtech has multiple use cases in real life that could add convenience and security

online payments

Authentication can also be made through the technology, when ID and password are required.

Mobile payment to
Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar

Paying directly from your phone on the online store is now easier by just pointing your phone flash. You can also add payments using cryptocurrency in no time.


Sending payments between friends by using your mobile device camera flash. You can also virtual currencies like cryptocurrencies in no time.

Target Markets

Business to customer (B2C)

Customers can make payments to businesses using their mobile device’s flash. This includes all B2C verticals, online and offline.

Peer-to-peer (P2P)

Users can transfer funds to each other using our technology.

Technology Comparison

Why Authtech is the best solution to all kinds of payment experience

Security Convenience Usability

Very high. Data cannot be stolen or hacked.

Works online and even offline, with no additional terminals required.

Contactless and easy to access from your mobile device.

Mobile payments

Data can be hacked on NFC technology.

Additional functions are required on the receiver’s terminal.

Distance to payment terminal.

QR code

High risk of counterfeit.

Online and offline but additional program needed for payment.

Distance and lightning play an important role in its functionality.

Credit card

Can easily be stolen and hacked.

Depending on the fees, some merchants won’t accept them (eg. Amex)

When shopping online, it can be time consuming to input long card data, leading to cart abandonment.


Hard to store safely.

Using a large number of cash can be inconvenient and risky due to its size.

Cannot be used in online shopping, or at merchants who don’t accept cash.

About Us

Our Mission

To provide the most secure and convenient mobile authentication solution including mobile payment.

Creating an ID-less world with the most secure and convenient authentication in the market

Our Story

Our founders (Mike Yoo and Wenhao Yang) have met while both were working at another company and founded Authtech based on their shared belief in a safer and more connected digital world. And since Authtech's inception in 2019, Authtech has set out to meet the increasing need for a safer authentication solution across different industries including e-commerce, mobile payments, healthcare, etc.

Authtech uses it's patented LiFi technology to allow device-to-device communication through flashlight signals, and offers an unhackable and highly compatible solution that can be applied across different operating systems, devices, and industries.

As of 2021, Authtech's patent is issued in the US, Canada, EU, South Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia, while patent is pending in China and India.

Our People

Mike Yoo - Co-founder & CEO

Serial Founder, 10+ years of global experience in business development & marketing

Wenhao Yang - Co-founder & COO
  • B.A. in Economics, College of William and Mary, 2013-2017
  • M.S. in Information Systems, Johns Hopkins University, 2018-2019
  • Strategic Partnerships at btwn, 2019-present
CTO - Changhwan Choi

Changhwan Choi a software developer with years of experience and a pioneer with passions. For over 10 years, Changhwan has worked at many startups including his own, and has experience in various industries such as social media, blockchain, assistive device for visually impaired, etc.

Head of Creation - Lahee Hong
  • 2009 Art Center College of Design (U.S.)
  • 2010 Tama Art University (Tokyo)
  • 2015-18 teamLab(Tokyo) Designer/Catalyst (Director)
  • 2018 The Good Design Award (Pocket Change Inc.)
Bruce McCalley - CRO

Mr. McCalley brings more than twenty-five years of sales and marketing experience to Authtech. In 2003, Computerworld do Brasil named Bruce McCalley The Supersalesman. Having lived on three continents, Mr. McCalley speaks a little of 10 different languages. He has sold products and services in over 40 countries. He has opened new markets, managed sales people in several countries and his customers range from billion-dollar healthcare organizations, oil companies, governments, universities, discrete and process manufacturers of foods and chemicals, to transportation conglomerates, all major overnight delivery services, and the largest banks and financial institutions the world over. A published author, he has trained over 2,000 top sales professionals at companies like SAP, ORACLE and Hewlett-Packard. Mr. McCalley also has an extensive background in high technology startup companies with two, successful IPOs on Nasdaq, and four acquisitions.

Dr. Dave Kapaska, DO, MBA - Advisory Board

David L Kapaska DO, MBA is the retired CEO of Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls SD. As CEO and previously CMO at Avera, he was instrumental in developing rural telemedicine throughout the Avera footprint of 28 hospitals covering 88,000 sq. miles.

From e-ICU and e-Pharmacy, the service grew to e-Emergency, e-Long Term Care, e-Hospitalist, e-Stroke, e-School Nurse, e- Behavioral Health and beyond, now engaged in more than 30 states. The 545 bed tertiary facility has a strong focus on behavioral health for the region investing in a new 128 bed inpatient behavioral health facility and recently a new inpatient addiction center.

Dr. Kapaska's career includes serving as an Air Force pilot, sales executive, family physician, startup company adviser, and a C-suite veteran in Healthcare for over 17 years, giving him a broad perspective in advising Authtech.